Noguchi Setsuko
Princeton university. East Asian Library and the Gest Collection. Japanese Studies Librarian

Yamagiwa Collection : a case study of the history of Japanese collection development in the United States

The Yamagiwa collection, housed in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, was collected by Joseph K. Yamagiwa (1906-1968) who was a scholar of Japanese literature and language at the University of Michigan. The collection consists of two groups: rare books and reference books focused on language. While its rare books were well-selected by scholars, the collection has never been adequately recognized. This presentation will include a history, an overview of the collection, and a few highlights of its items. I will also discuss Yamagiwa’s relationship with Yokoyama Shigeru, a scholar of Japanese literature, and Sakanishi Shiho, a librarian of the Library of Congress.  Both individuals have assisted him in building the collection, and that exchange can be seen as part of the history of the development of Japanese collections in the US.

ヤマギワ・コレクション : 古典籍コレクションの構成と成り立ちについての一考察