Matsubara, Megumi
National Institute of Japanese Literature. Librarian
Kojima, Ayumi
National Institute of Japanese Literature. Librarian

The recent progress in the Database of pre-modern Japanese works and the other NIJL' s online services

The NIJL-NW Project at the National Institute of Japanese Literature (NIJL) launched the Database of pre-modern Japanese works in 2017. In cooperation with various domestic and overseas universities and specialized institutions, this database publishes images of pre-modern Japanese works widely.
In this presentation, we will introduce the latest progress in the database, with special attention to our recent collaboration with other institutions and newly-joined collections to our database.

In addition, we will introduce some two from our databases, Inventory of early Japanese books and Bibliographic and image database of Japanese modern times: both are from the results of the investigating and bibliographic collecting mission called “Research and Collection” that we have been working on since our establishment.