Dunkel, Christian
Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin. Special Subject Librarian for Japan

Creating new services for users on the basis of the Free Data Service of the National Diet Library

This paper aims at introducing new services developed by the East Asia Department of Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin for its users and the wider Asian Studies community in Germany over the past years. Based, amongst others, on the Free Data Service provided by the National Diet Library we have been incorporating bibliographical data from various sources into our search space to offer users a broader view on available resources. Materials that previously had to be looked up using different catalogues can now be located through this enlarged one-stop-search. Freely available electronic resources can be accessed directly through linking and printed material so far not in the collection of the library can now be requested by users through a PDA (Patron Driven Acquisition) model. The paper will present the various stages of developing these new services, the technical system behind it, as well as the difficulties encountered on the way. It is hoped, that it might inspire others to make greater use of the resources provided by our colleagues in Japan to the benefit of the users of our libraries.