Vladlena Fedianina
Moscow City University. Japanese Language Department. Chair of the Japanese Language Department
Anna Savinskaya
Moscow City University. Japanese Language Department. Senior Lecturer
Roman Bulando
Moscow City University. Japanese Language Department. Senior Lecturer

Use of digital resources by Japanese Language learners

This paper analyzes the extent to which students use open digital resources dedicated to the Japanese studies during the Japanese language learning and research activities and proposes an organized list of such resources.

When described in this paper, the digital resources are understood as an aggregate of software, information, technical, full-text electronic publications, including audio and video records, illustrations and catalogs of electronic libraries, recorded on the electronic storage media and/or posted on Internet websites, which are used for learning and research. No regulatory and teaching method materials are included.

The research was carried out based on the questionnaire survey targeting students learning the Japanese language and doing research, in particular those preparing their final qualification thesis during final year at Russian universities. A quantitative estimate of use by the students of digital resources dedicated to Japanese and the Japanese studies was prepared during such questionnaire survey. The findings of the research allow drawing conclusions as follows:

  1. The students are active in use of the DRs during learning and research, though the list of DRs used by the most students is rather limited.
  2. The lists of digital resources on Japanese and various fields of the Japanese studies, which are known by the students, are not sufficiently complete.
  3. Lack of interest in dissemination of information on the DRs is traced at the teachers.
  4. The students need information on the DRs pertaining to Japanese and various fields of the Japanese studies.  

The study of the resources used by the students and revealing the student’s needs during use of the digital resources allowed compiling a list of such resources. The digital resources are organized by various fields of the Japanese studies, as well as by the resource type. This is an open list for continuous supplementing, which enables the students and teachers to gain a better understanding of the digital resources required for professional activities. 





  1. 大多数の学生は、日本語学習や研究活動の過程で電子リソースを利用しているが、その利用範囲はかなり限定的である。
  2. 学生が利用している日本語や日本研究諸分野の電子リソースには情報量が不足している。
  3. 学生に電子リソースの情報が広まらない要因の一つに教師の電子リソースに対する関心度の低さがある。
  4. 学生には、日本語や日本研究の諸分野に関する電子リソースを利用したいというニーズがある。