Digitalization of learning resources at the Center of Asian Studies (2018)

Didvalis, Linas

East Asian studies and interest in East Asian region have been gradually growing in Lithuania as well as the necessity of the resources for this topic in Lithuanian language. What is more, with the growing spread and usage of the Internet more and more resources can be found online. Therefore, in order to increase the accessibility of resources for learning about the East Asian region it is important to pursue their digitalization. Moreover, as the number of research in different fields of Asian studies in Lithuania has been growing, there is a need for a database which would include all the information about the publications and research related to Asian studies.

Kuchi-e woodblock prints and the late Meiji literature (2018)

Colta, Ioan Paul

The current paper talks about the fruitful collaboration between the artist Kaburaki Kiyokata (1878-1972) and the highly praised Meiji author Kyōka Izumi (1873-1939). The famous nihonga painter has initially made his living as an illustrator, producing kuchi-e woodblock prints, frontispieces illustrating popular novels from the late Meiji period. His prints were admired by Kyōka Izumi who desired that his books would also include kuchi-e prints done by Kaburaki

Japanese Literature in Norway (2017)

Kaminka, Ika

While Japanese literature might presently be experience a minor boom, literature from Japan is exceedingly underrepresented in Norwegian translation. The present paper will trace the development of translation of Japanese literature from the sketchy beginnings with relay translations via English and German, to the present, discussion briefly what has motivated the selection of works to be translated.

Discovering historical evidences at archives across four countries (2017)

Hanyu Kōichi

A historical study across geopolitically different countries must be examined through considering their backgrounds and relations with each country. However, it demands enormous tasks and time for researching and evaluating historical evidences due to different languages, and political, social and cultural backgrounds. In this session, I would like to introduce the outline of my study on The Nobel Peace Prize of the year 1974 and Japan, and share my experiences as researcher how I searched those historical evidences in 4 countries (Norway, Britain, U.S and Japan) to support the study.

NII workshop (2017)

Furuhashi Hanae

国立情報学研究所 学術コンテンツ整備チームの古橋英枝氏より、以下の3項目について紹介する。

NII-ELS終了に伴う変更、およびJAIRO Cloud、電子リソースの管理、

Report of the Conservation/Preservation Working Group project (2017)

Yasue Akio
Dunkel, Christian

In this paper, we give the report of the 2016-2017 EAJRS Conservation/Preservation Working Group project: 1) A case study: Preservation practice carried out at the Berlin State Library; 2) Aid to the self-assessment of Care and Handling of Japanese special collection; 3) Introduction to the EAJRS Conservation WG website.

Constructing integrated studies of cultural and research resources (2017)

Goto Makoto
Shibutani Ayako
Hashimoto Yuta

The National Museum of Japanese History (NMJH, popularly known in Japanese as Rekihaku) is a museum on Japanese history located in Sakura, Chiba, Japan. This museum is currently conducting its core research, “Constructing Integrated Studies on Cultural and Research Resources” by developing a comprehensive digital network of Japanese historical resources. This project enables access to data in universities and museums across Japan through interdisciplinary studies in the humanities and sciences using information infrastructure.

From the Faroe Islands to the Oki Islands (2017)

Gaini, Firouz

The interest in Japan (and Japanese studies) among Faroese scholars, and vice versa, has historically been very limited; still today scientific collaboration in the humanities and social sciences between Faroese and Japanese institutions is a rarity. This paper presents an ethnographic project based on a fieldwork conducted on the Oki Islands, Shimane Prefecture, in Autumn 2015.

Make history alive (2017)

Yokota-Carter, Keiko

Promoting research data service is almost a "Holly Grail" at the University of Michigan Library, while few digital research happens in Michigan Japanese Studies community. I have developed collaborative projects with students to increase the awareness for digital humanities and a hidden collection, Alfred Rodman Hussey Papers which consists of the Japanese Constitution drafts and other documents related to promote the new constitution and the occupation policies of Japan.