Japanese Book Catalogues in the French OPAC Database: Historical Overview and Future Perspective

For some time, it has been possible to view or search items in Japanese characters from a single library's Japanese books collection catalogue on OPAC, even in libraries outside of Japan. But to achieve the same bilingual functionality in a more large-scale, i.e. national or international network of OPACs (called "union catalog"), which includes catalogues of many other libraries, where Japanese is treated as just one of many non-European languages, adopting the Unicode standard was absolutely essential.


In France, the SUDOC (Système universitaire de documentation) is a nationwide union catalog to which most universities and research institution libraries participate. In fact, since September 2005, SUDOC has adopted the Unicode standard allowing items to be catalogued and indexed in various languages including Japanese. That does not mean, however, that all Japanese books already catalogued in SUDOC have been made available with bilingual descripitons. A vast number of important Japanese books have yet to be catalogued in SUDOC.

In my presentation I will explain the current situation by highlighting challenges experienced by some of the key French libraries, and offer suggestions for creating a bilingual cataloguing system in an effective and error-free way for libraries located outside Japan.

フランスのOPAC における日本語図書 過去の経緯と将来の展望


フランスでは、全国的な高等教育機関の図書館のネットワークであるSUDOCが2005年9月からUnicodeを利用して多言語処理をおこなっており、その中で日本語図書の日本語による表示・検索が可能である。しかし、これは、 SUDOC に登録されているすべての日本語図書が日本語でも表示され、日本語でも検索可能であるということを今のところ意味せず、SUDOCに登録されていない日本語図書もかなりの数にのぼる。