Training Program for Librarians and Researchers

The National Diet Library Japan would like to announce
"Training Program for Librarians and Researchers for Japanese Materials"
held in February 2018.
We look forward to your application.

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Call for Application : 3rd Professor Josef Kreiner Hosei University Award

This award has been created to publicly celebrate Professor Josef Kreiner in his remarkable academic efforts to promote Japanese studies in Europe and at Hosei University Research Center for International Japanese Studies (HIJAS). At the same time we want to encourage overseas scholars of Japanese studies and to contribute to further development in this academic field.

New NDL courses with English subtitles

The National Diet Library, Japan, released two new e-learning courses with English subtitles.

- How to make good use of the NDL Digital Collections for Japanese Studies
This course provides an introduction to the features of the NDL Digital Collections and how to search and use its contents from outside Japan.

12th Hakuho Foundation Japanese Research Fellowship

With the goals of further strengthening the fundamentals of international research into Japan and deepening international understanding of Japan through researchers’ activities, the Hakuho Foundation Japanese Research Fellowship invites leading international researchers of the Japanese language, Japanese language education, Japanese literature and Japanese culture to Japan to conduct residential research.

1. Application period: June 10-October 31, 2016

2. Research period: September 1, 2017-August 31, 2018 (6 months or 12 months)

3. Receiving organizations:

NDL trainee program



平成28年 1月13日(水)~22日(金) ※土曜日および日曜日を除く8日間

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