• 『春信/写楽/歌麿/北斎/広重 平木浮世絵コレクション大全』
  • 『名刀大全』
  • 『渡辺省亭画集』




SHOGAKUKAN was established in 1922 and has become a major publisher over the past 99 years. Our publications cover a diverse range of genres, from childrens books, educational journals, weekly publications, and fashion magazines, to manga, literature, non-fiction, dictionaries, art, and photography books.
  This year, we join EAJRS in hopes of introducing three high quality art books mainly. Titles are below.

  • “Harunobu/Sharaku/Utamaro/Hokusai/Hiroshge  The  Masterpieces of the Hiraki Ukiyo-e Collection”
  • “The Great Masterpieces of Japanese Sword”
  • “Watanabe Sheitei Art Collection Book”

A fine art book of high quality can only be made with a wealth of experience. Please take this opportunity to look at  these books and to observe the quality of the paper and printing techniques born of SHOGAKUKAN’s many years of experience, although the viewing is through a  computer this year.

Of course, we have many other books with which one might grasp the breadth of our current offerings. We would be incredibly grateful if you would take some time to check SHOGAKUKAN’s catalog.