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The outline of “Web Daikanwa Jiten” and its expansion plan

“Web Daikanwa Jiten” was launched on JapanKnowledge platform in April 2021.  The most massive and finest dictionary of Chinese characters has 50 thousands of “Oyaji” (entries) and 530 thousands of “Jukugo” (phrases).  JapanKnowledge version of Daikanwa Jiten provides not only entry search but readings, Daikanwa no., Unicode no. search functions.  It also enables to search with “Bushu” (radicals) or “Buhin” (parts).  
Mr. Yamaguchi of Taishukan Shoten, who devoted himself on digitization of the content, presents the features of the content as well as plan for future-expanding functions.

The other contents which will be released on JapanKnowledge are also announced.