Historiographical Institute, The University of Tokyo (Ayako Shibutani, Satoru Nakamura, Kanako Hirasawa, Taizo Yamada, Toru Hoya, Keiko Hongo)


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The Historiographical Institute of the University of Tokyo (HI) is Japan's only national-university-established research institution for the study of historical materials that span Japan’s pre-modern history from the eighth to nineteenth century. Its mission is to collect and analyse various historical materials from holdings both in Japan and overseas and compile and publish these as key collections of Japanese historical materials spanning 150 years for the benefit of academia and society. HI is authorised as a ‘research centre for converting Japanese historical materials into research resources’ by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. HI has established a research system to survey and study historical materials from both Japan and overseas and convert the accumulated historical information and research findings into research resources. Thus, it supports the academic base in Japanese history through publications and by dissemination of valuable knowledge resources. In this workshop, we will present the main features of our 40 different databases and describe the investigations of Japanese historical materials held overseas along with dissemination of information on Japanese history worldwide. We will introduce our project of creating the database of English-language translations of historical terms used in the nineteenth century.

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