The Asahi Shimbun (KUMITA Kazuhisa)

「聞蔵Ⅱビジュアル(KikuzoⅡ Visual)」は、朝日新聞社が提供するイメージ付オンライン記事データベースです。1879(明治12)年の創刊から今日まで約1500万件の記事・広告が検索できます。




  • 聞蔵Ⅱシリーズは2022年春に全面リニューアル。
  • 名称は「朝日新聞クロスサーチ」に変更。
  • マルチブラウザに対応、スマホでも使いやすいレスポンシブスタイルデザインに。
  • 検索画面のデザインを一新、左サイドの画面操作で使いやすいインターフェースに。
  • 収録コンテンツの横断検索機能を強化、新機能も追加します。
  • アクセス先URLのドメインは現在のから変更になります。
  • 「朝日新聞クロスサーチ」のリリース後も一定期間、聞蔵Ⅱとの並行稼働期間を設けます。


Kikuzo II Visual, an online article database complete with images created by the Asahi Shimbun Company, presently enables users to search more than 15 million articles and advertisements in the paper since its first issue in 1879 (year 12 of the Meiji Era).

In 2020,The Asahi Shimbun has added Reduced-size Facsimile Edition "Image Database of Overseas Editions" in Kikuzo II Visual. You are able to search events and history of Taiwan, Korea, China, and former Manchuria (Northeastern China) during the war.

Asahi Shimbun Company is pleased to announce that the Asahi Shimbun article database "Kikuzo II Visual" will be rebranded in the spring of 2022. The new service name will be "Asahi Shimbun Cross-search".

We will keep you updated on the details and schedule of the relaunch in the future.


  • Kikuzo II Visual will be relaunched entirely in the spring of 2022.
  • The new service name will be "Asahi Shimbun Cross-search".
  • The service will offer cross-browser compatibility, and a new responsive design to support a full range of devices, including smartphones.
  • The search screen will be redesigned to provide a user-friendly interface equipped with the refine search column on the left.
  • New functions, including a strengthened cross-search function, will be implemented.
  • The current URL for access,, will be updated. Details will follow.
  • The existing Kikuzo II platform will continue to be available in parallel for a limited time after the release of "Asahi Shimbun Cross-search.”

In the online workshop, We will introduce "Image Database of Overseas Editions" and rebrand of "Kikuzo II Visual".