Historical research in the foreign ministry archives of Japan, Russia and Bulgaria (2019)

Dimitrov, Martin Milchev

The archives of the various state diplomatic institutions are crucial for conducting historical research related to international relations. As branches of acting state institutions, however, these archives tend to be organized and administrated by special rules, generally more restrictive than the average historical archive. This is especially true for materials related to the modern and contemporary periods.
The report presents the author’s experience in conducting such historical research in the foreign ministry archives of Japan, Bulgaria and the Russian Federation.

USC libraries' Japanese gender and sexuality cataloging and digitization project (2019)

Corbett, Rebecca
Hawkins, Joseph

While LGTBQ studies has not traditionally been an area that Japanese studies collections outside Japan have paid attention to, it is increasingly becoming an area of interest. By rethinking resources for Japanese studies to include historical and rare Japanese language LGTBQ materials we can open up new avenues of research in the field. This paper will give an overview of a project at the University of Southern California to catalog and digitize Japanese language materials held at ONE Archives, the oldest existing lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender organization in the United States, and the largest repository of LGBTQ materials in the world. It will also highlight how collaboration between institutions that are traditional strongholds of resources for Japanese studies, such as the USC East Asian Library, with institutions that are not known for their Japanese studies resources, such as ONE Archives, can be a successful way to rethink resources.

Japanese modern and contemporary literature resources at the French national library (2019)

Castel, Coralie

In this presentation, I would like to introduce the collections of the French national library in modern and contemporary literature. I would also like to share my reflections about what can be the role of a national library in this specific field, and how to meet the needs of today’s researchers.